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Fedgees 1.0

Fedgees 1.0

Fedgees Publisher's Description

Fedgees is a utility that lets you create unique desktop pals that include pictures, sounds, and conversations. Fedgees can be customized to anything your imagination can create, so the possibilities are endless. Plus, once you see how easy it is to make your own Fedgees, you can distribute your creations called Packs and share them with our online community. Whether youre young, old, a home user, or a business user, Fedgees can be created for anything, so Download Fedgees now and, before you know it, youll be creating your own Fedgee Packs. Give it a try to see what its really capable of. Fedgees Features: 1. Easily create customized desktop pals for any occassion 2. Simply click and drag to move your Fedgee anywhere on the desktop 3. Accepts transparent pictures that allow your Fedgee to "hover" above your desktop 4. Uses multiple image formats (.png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc.) 5. Add existing sounds (.wav) or create your own by recording your voice on-the-fly through the software 6. Create the conversations that your Fedgee will say by making simple text files (.txt) 7. Conversations can include clickable hyperlinks to anything on the web and will be opened with your default browser 8. Change the size of your Fedgee to one of 4 settings whenever you want 9. Adjust how often your Fedgee talks and how long each conversation stays on the screen 10. Has a "minimal" mode that hides your Fedgee and only shows their conversation bubbles 11. Read conversations in random or chronological order 12. Can be used as a story-teller with sounds, images, and text in chronological mode 13. Setup your own slideshows of pictures with added sound and captions 14. Surprise your friends and family by adjusting the timing and have a Fedgee pop up when you wish 15. Trade Fedgee Packs on our web site or download whatever interests you 16. Make a quick web search without having to open a browser first 17. Advertise your business by creating custom Fedgees

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